Brushtail Possum 3

The Common Brushtail Possum is a well known nocturnal marsupial that has adapted to living in the suburbs and cities, as well as being found in the forests and dry country watercourses. They like to use hollow trees for their dens, but also like house roof spaces and use fruit and flower gardens for their food. After leaving the pouch a baby Brushtail will ride on its mother’s back, gripping her thick fur until it is independent.

Standard sizes are for frames:

Frame – 205mm x 255mm (8″ × 10″) – Image area – 105mm x 155mm
Frame – 280mm x 355mm (11″ × 14″) – Image area 165mm x 245mm
And Frame – 405mm x 510mm (16″ × 20″) – Image area 260mm x 365mm

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